Ok, so the guy that helped me out in this instance was not actually one of the guys on a horse, but I feel the statement still holds true.  This is Pirenópolis on Easter Sunday, a   Logically, half the town is on horseback and the other half is crowded around a paper maché likeness of Judas with M80’s in hand.  That’s right folks.  Here in Wild Wild Western Brazil, we blow up people that betray our Lord.

My friend was supposed to meet me at the bus station at one o’clock.  He was running late, but I didn’t have his number, or any way to contact him so I made my way over to the taxi stand visible in the photo to see if I could charge my phone and call somebody else who could get in contact with him.  The people I met there were so nice, that within fifteen minutes, I had a Brazilian sausage, a drink, and a bed to sleep in case my friend didn’t make it.  The hospitality you find in small towns in this country is truly remarkable.  In the end, one of the guys actually knew my friend and was able to take me to his house, which also brought about my first ride on a motorcycle.  An extremely unpleasant experience given the narrow cobblestone street and potholes.

In the end it was totally worth it, because I got to spend some time with some really cool people in a great house with an unbelievable view.


The crew


The view

I also got to see my good friend Misael play two awesome gigs with local musicians and play a little myself.  When I wasn’t seeing music, I got to see some of the city, which was built in the shape of a big airplane, which is ironic only if you know the size of Brasilia’s airport.


The restaurant we played at… Very swanky


Me and Misael in front of Dilma’s house.

Thanks Zé, Misael, and Carol for an awesome stay in Brasilia and an eventful day in Pirenópolis!